• Q) Do I need personal training experience to start a Fitness Together franchise®?

    A) No. The Fitness Together Management Team will provide you with comprehensive training inclusive of fitness and business related training.

    Q) When I'm starting my personal training studio, is there someone to guide me through the entire process?

    A) Absolutely. The Fitness Together® Support Center will provide you with assistance in site selection, site design, construction, buildout and grand opening.

    Q) Once I buy a Fitness Together® personal training studio, how can I learn how to operate my studio in accordance with brand standards

    A) Whether you have previous experience or not, Fitness Together® offers you a comprehensive and constantly-updated series of courses for franchise owners. You will attend Franchise University in Highlands Ranch, CO to learn how to best run your Fitness Together® franchise. You will learn hands-on everything from the software platforms to operational standards.

    Q) What grand opening support do I receive?

    A) A Fitness Together® Support Center representative will assist you during the weeks leading up to your grand opening:

    • Help you determine if you've overlooked any areas
    • Revisit anything you may have forgotten from Fitness Together® Franchise University
    • Answer any questions you may have
    Q) What happens once my studio opens?

    A) The Fitness Together® Franchise Support Center exists to provide ongoing training, coaching on marketing techniques, best demonstrated practices, studio visits and regional meetings.

    • Phone Support
    • Online Support
    • Regional or National Conferences
    • Continual Team Input and Improvements
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Communication, communication, communication… this is our goal and it's one of the most challenging aspects of building a client-driven organization. We provide our franchisees with many ways to reach out to the Fitness Together® Franchise Support Center.

Franchise owners can discuss all their concerns and ideas with their Area Director, Support Center field representative, Leadership Council representative, at the regional or national convention, or through any other communication channel. Great ideas can be evaluated, and if their implementation will benefit the entire organization, they may be incorporated into the franchise system.

Information based on the March 2016, Franchise Disclosure Document.