Ensuring Your Health Club’s Success through Exit Strategies and Planning

Every fitness business will need to be transitioned at some point if it is going to survive. Smart business owners have a plan about how to make that a smooth transition.
Eric Goetsch, VP of Operations, Fitness Together® – contributing columnist

Creating an exit strategy is like building a safety net for your fitness business and weaving it with a strong material to reduce risks that could result from ownership gaps, loss of employees and loss of clientele in the future.
According to the Nelson Business Succession Survey, 30 percent of all business failures are due to succession failures. In addition, Richard E. Jackim, author of the “$10 Trillion Opportunity: Designing Successful Exit Strategies for Middle Market Business Owners,” reports that 28 percent of business owners have not engaged in any form of succession planning and 75 percent feel they didn’t get enough from their exit.

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