When you become a gym owner with the Fitness Together® brand, you take on an entirely different workplace lifestyle than you would at a regular corporate job. Explore the lifestyle of a fitness franchise owner with Fitness Together Franchise, LLC.

A Comfortable Start to the Day

Your morning routine is about to become a whole lot shorter as a gym owner. You can skip the suit and tie routine in the morning in favor for a pair of sweatpants and sneakers. Your office is now the peak of comfort. 

Comfort is a huge feature of the Fitness Together lifestyle. Gym owners feel comfortable to dress how they like and run a business with tons of support.

Flexible Schedule

Fitness Together studio owners or their managers are responsible for their studio’s staffing needs, marketing, management, and consultations. They may not be responsible for any actual personal training, which means owners do not necessarily need a background in the fitness industry in order to become a thriving franchisee. 

In fact, many find that when they own a gym with Fitness Together, they have more flexibility to their workday. This is because when the business finds its groove, owners can decrease their time in the fitness studio. This allows for an amazing work-life balance. If you are an owner that wants to double as a trainer, your schedule remains flexible. As opposed to group fitness classes with set times, owners’ schedules are appointment-based, allowing for more freedom throughout the week.

Stress-Free Days at the Studio

The Fitness Together business model is simple in order to help give those who want to own a personal training business their best shot at success. The model also lends itself for less stressful days at the “office.”

Studios need a small number of personal trainers to run efficiently. This helps make their hiring process quick and easy, and employee retention even easier. Trainers are meant to train, not sell, at a Fitness Together studio. This allows trainers to focus their day on what really matters: client satisfaction.

Adopt the Lifestyle of a Fitness Franchise Owner

If you enjoy working in a comfortable, flexible, and stress-free work environment, you may want to consider adopting this lifestyle. Open a gym with Fitness Together Franchise, LLC, and it’s yours. Franchisees can enjoy these perks and more as they plunge into the exciting fitness industry with one of the best fitness franchises out there.

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