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The news

Fitness Together Franchise Owner – Kevin Moran

December 16, 2016

Kevin Moran found his passion for health and wellness at a young age. In high school, Kevin was diagnosed with low bone density, and as a distance runner, began to get bone fractures. With his continuous injuries, Kevin had to stop running, but became exposed to many variations of trainers and medical professionals, which sparked a passion in him for helping others.” Out of high school, Kevin attended Carroll University’s physical therapy program and eventually changed to an athletic training major.

Kevin applied for an athletic training internship at a local high school, where his interest in strengthening athletes and improving performance led him to the world of personal training and Fitness Together®. Kevin appreciated the commitment of personal training clients, and their excitement to train and see results. He also loved the absence of outside influences, with only the client and the trainer influencing the results.

After a fast four years as a trainer with Fitness Together®, Kevin purchased a Fitness Together® studio and began a new journey in business ownership. His favorite part of training and being a Fitness Together® franchise owner is digging into what really makes his clients tick; what is going to excite them to be consistent with their program and see results? Kevin loves the transparency that Fitness Together® provides. There are no catches or gimmicks, just the honest truth about the value of the services and exactly what a client will receive.

While business ownership can be challenging, Kevin has found a great support system in the Management Team at Fitness Together®. He learned quickly to ask questions early and often in order to set himself up for personal success. The roadmap that Fitness Together® provides has given Kevin structure and guidance to build his business. From operations to marketing and client retention, there is no shortage of tools and support.

“My transition into ownership was easy. There was great assistance and has always been incredible responsiveness from the support center,” Kevin says. “I never hesitate to reach out for help, and I’m always glad that I did.”