A tape measure, scale, pen, and paper used to be the best methods of tracking clients’ fitness progress. Those days are gone as the Fitness Together® system evolves with the fitness industry by creating fitness studios equipped with state of the art fitness technology.

Become a part of one of the best fitness franchises, and you too can give your community their most advanced fitness training experience yet:

Track Client Progress More Accurately

At Fitness Together studios, personal trainers track client progress using digital body scanners and other electronic devices, ensuring clients receive the most accurate information to achieve their best results. 

Personal trainers use body scanners to digitally scan a client’s entire physique. In turn, these scans generally provide an accurate assessment of the client’s current physical state. This advanced system eliminates any human measurement errors and allows for more accurate assessments of a client’s fitness progress over time. 

Use of these body scans can also improve progress reports, allowing trainers to adjust custom training plans to better meet client goals. When the training plans are better suited to the client’s actual progress, they can meet their goals with better results.

Create Better Personal Training Plans

Providing your clients a customized nutrition or workout plan based on their goals is just the beginning. At Fitness Together studios, personal trainers have the option to customize plans even further. 

Trainers can create nutrition plans based on clients’ genetic test results. This way, plans are not only tailored to a client’s goals, but to their specific body type and family health history.

Additionally, at Fitness Together studios, the customizable training program design is entirely digital. This is further bolstered by the use of private and semi-private training suites of every Fitness Together studio. These smart suites are equipped with training equipment and a digital heart rate monitor. Here, your clients will experience their most progressive training yet.

Up Your Marketing Game

This innovative technology benefits more than Fitness Together trainers and clients, it also benefits you as a fitness franchise owner when it comes to marketing your fitness studio. 

The Fitness Together brand boasts client-obsessed lead nurturing software that generates desired client responses at every stage of the marketing funnel. The Fitness Together system also provides fully managed, data-driven digital campaigns, in addition to the incredible amount of marketing and operations support already offered by the brand.

Technology is the Perfect Fitness Complement

At Fitness Together studios, the most important piece of creating a tailor-made workout plan is the focus on the client’s wants and needs. As a leader in personal training and fitness industry, the technology that the Fitness Together brand uses helps deliver workouts that work for clients and is a simple franchise model. 

If you want to give your community a more advanced and effective fitness experience, download a FREE Franchise Info Kit here. There, you will learn if you have what it takes to open an exercise franchise with Fitness Together Franchise, LLC.