One of the driving forces behind the fitness industry, and fitness franchises specifically, is health consciousness. A growing awareness of health and wellness has increased demand for exercise solutions, and not just for young adults. Take a look at how health consciousness fuels fitness franchises.

Worsening U.S. Health Trends

The most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that almost 40% of adults in the United States are currently obese. This is an increase from just 35% US adults in 2011. 

As the US obesity rate has increased over the years, demand for health club memberships has too. People see the issue and want to address it the best way they know how: by taking control of their health. Because more and more people are flocking to their local gym, communities need more passionate individuals to become a gym owner in their area. Ideally, those individuals do so with one of the best fitness franchises, like Fitness Together®, a brand that has a model that utilizes technology to drive the best results for their clients.

Preventative Care and Fitness

Instead of the traditional curative care, many medical professionals are moving towards a more proactive, preventative care practice. This means that instead of waiting to become sick, healthcare professionals encourage their patients to lead a healthier lifestyle today to prevent poor health later.

For many of these healthcare professionals, a primary recommendation to patients is to practice healthy eating and regular exercise. This is an excellent form of preventative care.

About half of all Fitness Together clients’ primary objective is to age healthily. By setting goals in fitness and nutrition, these clients can rest assured that they are cultivating a healthier lifestyle that may serve them well down the road.

Increased Interest in Healthy Living

Individuals across market demographics have a growing interest in their personal health. One particular market, however, is those over the age of 54. Baby-boomers alone hold over half of the United States’ discretionary income and spend the majority of it on health needs, according to IDEA and the World Health Organization. 

As most gym franchises and independent fitness clubs cater to younger generations, this creates a niche for those appealing specifically to older individuals. By specifically customizing training for seniors, personal training studios open the door to almost an entire third of the personal training market. This is the demographic that the Fitness Together brand has chosen to focus on. Therefore, they fill the niche of a fitness franchise for older individuals with high disposable income seeking private, custom workouts based on their individual goals. The best part? The Fitness Together brand delivers on those goals.

Join the Thriving Fitness Industry

More and more, people are growing conscious of their personal health. They need those passionate about changing lives to start a fitness business and address this increasing demand. 

If you want to become a gym owner with one of the best fitness franchises in the industry, consider owning a gym with Fitness Together Franchise, LLC. Request your FREE Franchise Info Kit here for more information about this incredible business opportunity.