Some of the best fitness studio owners are former Fitness Together® clients. It makes sense too, as they know the service well. So, what makes clients want to become fitness franchise owners themselves? Let’s take a look.

They Love the Fitness Together® Brand

The Fitness Together brand is all about offering each client a customized training experience based on their goals. Gym goers cannot find that sort of personalized attention just anywhere. This is the reason the brand’s clientele is especially committed.

“When I first started with Fitness Together as a client, I didn’t know what to expect as far as goals,” said Kevin Baker, owner of three studios in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “Everything worked out so well that I decided to invest in the business and take on franchising.”

A Fitness Together studio is a one-stop shop for reaching goals through custom tailored workout plans, an upscale environment, nutrition coaching, and progress assessments all in a private setting. Not to mention, the personal trainers generally create lasting one-on-one relationships with each client.

“It’s been a really awesome journey,” said Baker.

They Want to Share their Fitness Success

Fitness Together clients are ambassadors, and it’s a natural transition that they would want to own their own fitness studio. Their desire to open a gym first sprouts from a love for the Fitness Together brand. This love grows once the client realizes that they are meeting their fitness objectives. As their success with Fitness Together increases, the desire to bring this sense of fullfilment to other communities does as well.

“The model that has been successful for other people can be reapplied in your area,” said Baker. “[You] have the support to build out and be successful like others have been.”

The Fitness Together platform is all about building engaging, one-on-one relationships between clients and trainers, and helping each meet and exceed their wildest expectations. These relationships are the foundation for success.

They Enjoy the Fitness Industry Space

Clients like Kevin Baker see the value of the fitness industry through their experiences with the Fitness Together brand. This encourages them to enter a thriving fitness industry, expected to reach $36 billion in revenue in 2019 according to IBIS World.

The Fitness Together brand has a lower initial investment, light overhead, and a healthy return on investment. In 2018, the top third of Fitness Together studios had an average revenue of $555K. As a result, studio owners like Baker have no qualms about investing in their future.

Fitness Together is one of the leaders in the personal training space for a reason. Because of this, the brand takes great pride in offering the opportunity to join an industry that helps change the lives of both clients and owners.

Transitioning from Client to Gym Owner

If you are a passionate and dedicated Fitness Together client, consider becoming a franchisee. Fitness Together is always looking for spirited, motivated, and savvy individuals to open studios in any of the available territories.

Fitness Together supports you throughout your fitness journey and will do the same in your journey from client to owner. Request a FREE info kit here to see how you can take the next step in your relationship with Fitness Together.