Picture the traditional gym: treadmills, weights, maybe a spinning class. It’s nothing new, and it doesn’t work for everyone. There is so much more to fitness than putting in hours on the elliptical. That’s why the Fitness Together® system takes a different approach to fitness, and it has made them one of the best fitness franchises to own.

Ditching the Traditional Gym Model

There are tons of gym franchises in the fitness industry, but not many personal training studio franchises. That’s what makes the Fitness Together brand different. 

The main reason individuals between the ages of 46-65 years old exercise is to live a long and healthy life, according to the 2019 MINDBODY Wellness Index. That is also the main reason consumers seek personal training from a Fitness Together studio. This makes the Fitness Together target clientele the largely untapped market of those over the age of 45 — an excellent niche to fill as a fitness business.

The Fitness Together brand takes that desire to age healthily and makes it easier for consumers to achieve. How so? Personal trainers use custom training plans, which include nutrition coaching, strength and cardio training, and more to help each client reach their personal fitness goals. Twenty minutes on the treadmill alone at a local public gym can’t do that.

The Personal Trainer Difference

Fitness Together clients do more than just work up a sweat, they meet their desired fitness and overall health goals.

The personal trainers at Fitness Together studios know how to motivate their clients and take their fitness experience to the next level. Without having to worry about driving gym membership or managing huge classes, personal trainers can focus more on their small number of committed clients

Fitness Together trainers also make great use of the fitness studios’ private suites and an array of state-of-the-art technology to monitor client progress. Overall, clients are able to cultivate close, personal relationships with their Fitness Together trainers, which is something they just can’t do at a big box gym.

Join the Fitness Experience

Bottomline, a Fitness Together studio is not a gym— it’s a personal training fitness studio that focuses on the client’s total health and fitness experience. Personal trainers motivate clients to make positive changes in their lives and help meet their personal goals. If you’re interested in creating an epicenter of positive lifestyle changes, consider opening a fitness franchise with the Fitness Together system.

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