As a current Fitness Together® franchise owner, you are enjoying the freedom, fulfillment, and flexibility that come along with ownership. The best part? You can double those benefits when you open a second studio.

Should you open a second franchise? Find out.

Scalable Franchise Model

Fitness Together Owner
Headshot provided by Andrew Hendersen.

One of the defining features of the Fitness Together system is the simplicity of the franchise model. Low commitment, no inventory, a small staff, and no travel are all characteristics that allow owners to manage multiple locations comfortably. This highly scalable model was a key factor in motivating one owner to further invest in the franchise.

Andrew Hendersen owns four Fitness Together studios in the Knoxville, Tennessee territory. When asked how his workload changed after expanding, he replied, “The workload becomes greater, but it also becomes different. To grow from one to four locations has really stretched my organizational skills, time management, and leadership abilities.”

Through multiple studios, Hendersen is now better able to help improve the health and wellness of those in the community he loves. His best advice for those wishing to expand? Prioritize maintaining client and studio employee relationships. This helps everyone stay motivated for success, regardless of what location you visit on any given day.

Available Financing

Like Hendersen, owners have the best footing to expand once they have passed the typical “ramping up” period. Once an owner is experiencing profitability at their first Fitness Together studio, it may be a good time to consider opening their second franchise studio.

“We had a great opening year at our first studio,” said Hendersen, “which enabled me to expand.”

Lending options and financial assistance for franchisees planning on opening additional studios can be found through a variety of third parties. Studios that are already profitable, however, may have a better chance to secure a loan.

Incredible Support

Fitness Together Franchise, LLC provides franchisees with world class support, through a dedicated business coach. The Support Center also provides assistance with site selection, studio design, construction, training, marketing, and operations. Fitness Together Franchise, LLC does not expect you to be an expert in these areas, and that is where they step in.

Hendersen takes advantage of this support to keep his studios running in top shape. “We attend [the brand’s] National Conference every year to stay motivated and informed,” he said, “We are also working with our business coach to get back to a systems-based operations, so that no matter who is managing or training, we are all on the same page.”

The Fitness Together support team has the infrastructure and resources to help support multiple studios. Expect their help as you go about expanding to your next location.

Ready to Open Your Second Franchise Location?

The Fitness Together brand has the scalable model and franchisee support needed to help you open up your second studio. The only thing left to prepare is you.

Enthusiastic, passionate studio owners are the foundation of the Fitness Together brand. Please reach out to your business coach to learn more about this opportunity.