Business View Magazine interviews Scott Wendrych, EVP,COO, as part of best practices, American business.

Fitness Together is one of three health and wellness companies under the corporate umbrella of WellBiz Brands, Inc., headquartered in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Recently, Business View Magazine spoke with Scott Wendrych, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development for Fitness Together Franchise, LLC. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation:

BVM: How did you begin your association with WellBiz Brands and, more specifically, with Fitness Together?

Wendrych: I actually started as a franchisee. My wife and I had moved back from Texas to Colorado and we were looking at investing in, or buying, a small business. We discovered this brand called Fitness Together and what was intriguing about it was, number one: it was in the health and wellness space, which we really liked; number two: it was a relatively small business in terms of the footprint; and, number three: the cost to open a location was relatively low compared to other businesses. We also liked the fact that it was in a niche market within fitness, which was one-on-one, private, personal training.