Trever Ackerman, CMO – contributing columnist

When entrepreneurs consider opening a fitness business, they have two choices: to do it on their own or to go with a franchised model. Making that decision takes careful deliberation, but those who choose to be part of a franchise can expect several benefits.

The Boutique Fitness Studio Model

According to the 2016 Health Club Consumer Report, 35 percent of consumers go to boutique fitness studios, more than any other segment, and spend $4 billion more annually to attend boutique fitness classes than traditional commercial facilities.

It should come as no surprise then that independent boutique studios and franchised studios are quickly becoming popular ways for entrepreneurs to enter the fitness business as owners. Many first-time fitness entrepreneurs face the dilemma of whether to start a business from scratch or buy a into a fitness franchise. Being an independent studio owner allows you to have complete control of the name of the brand, the look, the programming, the marketing and several other factors. It also allows you to make brand changes when you see fit. For some people, this may be the most rewarding option.

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