There are many reasons why owning a fitness franchise could be the best decision you have ever made. Are you wondering why you should franchise in the fitness space? Let’s find out.

You are Passionate about Health and Wellness

You can own a fitness franchise without having a background in fitness. That’s right, you are completely qualified to be a gym owner without having experience as a personal trainer or gym owner! An enthusiasm for health and wellness or helping others is enough reason to own a gym.

The Clientele is Expanding

The fitness industry has always targeted customers between the ages of 35 and 54 years old, since they account for approximately 43% of the industry’s revenue, according to IBISWorld. Adults in this age range are likely to have a stable income, allowing them to spend money on more expensive fitness services.

GenX is great, but consider the fastest growing market, the baby-boomer generation (55-75 years old). Baby boomers hold more than 50% of the United States’ discretionary income, and spend it on health more than anything else, as reported by IBISWorld. According to IDEA and the World Health Organization, the fitness industry has shifted to offer more customized services for those Baby Boomers with a higher disposable income.

This perfectly matches the Fitness Together® personal training model. To boot, you aren’t targeting the same client base that most other fitness businesses tend to attract.

There is a Demand for Personal Training

The bond between a personal trainer and the client is practically unmatched in the fitness industry, especially in a private training environment. This is because a personal trainer is not just a workout buddy, they are a fitness professional dedicated to helping their clients reach their personal wellness goals. The personal training demand is fueled by these satisfied clients.

The demand for fitness is on the rise too, particularly when it comes to personal training. According to IBISWorld, this is due to multiple factors, such as an increase in the healthy eating index and a general push for healthier living. The Fitness Together brand offers a customized fitness plan based on specific goals for each client. This is a highly attractive model for baby boomers, and others who may not like the competitiveness and lack of privacy in a group training environment.

Is the Fitness Industry for You?

An undeniable passion for wellness, a huge new consumer market, and swelling demand are all convincing arguments to buy a gym franchise. All you need to do is take the next step to learn how.

Do you have what it takes to become a fitness franchise owner? Request a FREE info kit here to see if Fitness Together is the fitness franchise for you.