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Some are personal trainers, some came from the business world, and some were just ready to start a business in an industry they love. All have one common goal to use their passion for health and wellness to take control of their future and change lives while they’re doing it.

Some our trainers, some came from the business world, and others were just ready to start a career in a field that they loved. What they all have in common is that they all wanted to help others and take control of their future.

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Meet the Andersens. This husband and wife duo are leaving corporate and moving into their new lives as business owners. Learn how they got here and what the Fitness Together experience has meant to them.

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What are the Qualifications for ownership?

The Ideal Fitness Together® Franchisee:

CAN FOLLOW A SYSTEM. The ideal Fitness Together® candidate wants to follow a program and have a system in place to implement. GO GETTER. Fitness Together® franchise owners tend to be of competitive nature, they look at our top performing studios and strive to beat them. PASSION FOR WELLNESS. While Fitness Together® franchise owners don’t need a background in fitness or health, most of FT franchise owners are passionate about health and wellness in their personal life. PEOPLE SKILLS. They value relationships and enjoy cultivating them either in their studio, in the community, or both. They have a passion for helping and enriching people’s lives. LEADER. The most successful owners have some experience managing and leading a team and often have finance or sales/marketing backgrounds. However, these skills are not necessary. In addition, they enjoy setting a tone and culture of greatness in the studio.

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